About Us

About Us


We produce high quality films

Artesia Films is your one-stop shop for all things entertainment. We specialize in multimedia production and scriptwriting for films, television shows, advertisements, publicity, and video clips. What makes us different? We don’t just provide gear, we provide the most comprehensive audiovisual production support with the highest quality customer service.

Film and Television Series

Artesia Films has the infrastructure and professional team to produce film and television projects that clients can be proud of. Our creative team can add value at every step in the production process from concept design to distribution. With over fifteen years of industry experience, we know how to leverage the right technology to efficiently transform an idea into a reality.


Artesia Films has the expertise and cutting-edge equipment to make your next marketing video, television commercial, corporate advertisement, or product demonstration a success. Don’t have a compelling message? No problem, our creative experts can craft a powerful message tailored to resonate with your target audience. Already have a message? Great, we have the tools and equipment to produce an advertisement that makes maximum impact.


We help clients produce powerful publicity to promote awareness of a product, service, or company. Our publicity experts can help you craft a public message calibrated to connect with your target audience. Client satisfaction with the timeline, creative process, and final deliverable are our top priorities. Let us know when you’re ready to get started..

Video Clips.

Artesia Films produces custom video clips for immediate distribution. Our creative team can produce your video clip and create a strategic distribution plan to efficiently deliver the clip to the right audience. Call today to discuss your next project.